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Oakland native, community activist, educator and self-taught chef, HuNia, has been preparing healthy and vegetarian meals for well over 20 years.  Driven by the desire for her family to be healthy and not fall prey to food related dis-eases such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity, Chef HuNia immersed herself in learning about proper nutrition and came to the realization that “delicious and wholesome food is the best medicine”.  Understanding that flavor is critical to any good meal, Chef HuNia has mastered the art of creating “delicious, yet nutritious” meals that offer a “soulful” twist to your international palate.  Inspired by the great response from her community, HuNia’s (Divine Soul) Kitchen was created to meet their needs.


Presently, we offer international vegetarian catering, personal chef services and healthy cooking classes.  Our client list includes Cooking Matters, ASA Academy, Bay Area YMCA, the American Heart Association, the Bay Area Black United Fund (BABUF),  and Oakland Freedom Schools, to name a few.  We also provide classes and workshops to various community groups, organizations and churches throughout the region.   Chef HuNia is the former Culinary Instructor for the Teen Top Chef Program at the SF Mission YMCA and has recently began an Edible Garden Project at McClymonds High School in Oakland, CA.  And the Chef/Instructor for Healthy Black Families conducting Farmers Market and Grocery Store Tours as well as Healthy Cooking Classes in Berkeley and Oakland CA.  HuNia also serves as Advisory Board Member of Acta Non Verba Youth Urban Farm Project.  Most important is that HuNia is the Mama two young adults Nailah and Piankhi were raised in a holistic vegetarian lifestyle.

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